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Frequently asked questions

John Lewis Business Account

What is the John Lewis and Waitrose Business Account card? 

The John Lewis and Waitrose Business Account card is a charge card designed for customers who want to purchase goods for their business in John Lewis and Waitrose.

What are the benefits of the Business Account card?

The Business Account card allows you up to 56 days to pay for purchases in John Lewis and Waitrose. You are able to view transactional information via the online My Account service, which will also provide HMRC approved VAT reporting. In addition, you will earn discount on purchases in John Lewis and Waitrose, which will be provided in a quarterly rebate.

Who can manage the account and make transactions?

You will be able to assign an account holder who will have the responsibility of managing the account. They will be able to add new cardholders, view invoices and transactions and make payments on the account.

Can one Business Account have more than one cardholder?

Yes you can have an unlimited amount of cardholders, providing they are using the card for Business purposes. Cardholders can have access to the My Account online service to view their transactions.

Is it possible to set up multiple accounts?

Within the Business Account online service you can set up cost centres and reporting groups.  These will allow you to manage and track the spending of different cardholders.

What is a cost centre?

A cost centre is a group of cardholders. The main account holder can assign a cost centre owner  to manage a group of cards. The cost centre owner can set up new card holders and view transactions and invoices for this group of cardholders. It is possible to set up payments for each cost centre.

What is a reporting group?

A reporting group allows you to set up a report to view the transaction history of multiple cost centre or multiple cardholders.

Can I use my Business Account for personal use?

No, your Business Account is strictly for business purchases only, which is outlined in the Terms  and Conditions of this service.

Can I use a purchase order with the Business Account card?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use purchase orders number to purchase products through your Business Account card.

How do I apply for a Business Account?

You can apply for a business account by completing the short online application.

What information do I need to complete my application?

To complete the application you will need to have the following information:

  • Company name (maximum of 30 characters)
  • Company registered address
  • Company registration Number
  • Account holder name – this should be a designated administrator who will manage the account
  • Account holder email address and telephone number
  • Business bank details to set up a Direct Debit Instruction

What are the approval criteria for a Business Account?

All businesses including Sole Traders are eligible to apply for a Business Account. All applications will be subject to a credit check, which will determine whether an application has been successful.

Will I get an instant decision?

We will aim to provide an instant decision on you application. However, it might be necessary to request further information regarding your application.

How do I know I have obtained my requested credit limit?

The credit limit will be calculated on the information provided during the application stage. This will be outlined in a confirmation email once the application has been approved.

Once my application has been accepted how long will it be until I receive my cards and can start using them?

You will receive a welcome pack within 10 working days of the application being approved. This will include instructions on how to use your online account as well as your requested Business Account cards.

Where can I use my Business Account card?

You can use your Business Account card in the following retail outlets:

  • John Lewis
  • Waitrose
  • John Lewis for Business

The card may not be used in John Lewis Partnership concessions or Waitrose outlets owned by third parties. This includes:

  • The following websites – Entertaining, Cellar, Florist, Garden, Pet, Kitchen, Gifts
  • Welcome Break
  • Little Waitrose at Shell
  • Waitrose in Dubai and Bahrain
  • Petrol Stations
  • John Lewis Catering services
  • John Lewis Financial Services websites
  • John Lewis Gift List

For your local shops see the Waitrose store locator & John Lewis store locator.

How is the quarterly discount calculated & applied to my account?

Tiered rebates are based on accounts quarterly spend, details of the discount levels will be available when we send you the Welcome Pack. Rebate will only be applied to eligible items, full details of what can be found below. Once the quarterly discount has been calculated this amount will be credited to the main business account.

Are all products eligible for rebates?

No, not all products are eligible for rebates. The following items are not included:

  • John Lewis Partnership gift cards
  • John Lewis Reduced to Clear items
  • Delivery charges
  • Workroom charges
  • Extended warranty insurance
  • Beauty studio services
  • In store services (e.g. gift wrap)
  • John Lewis Red Letter Days
  • Spirits, tobacco, petrol, postage stamps, lottery, mobile phone top ups
  • Purchases made in conjunction with John Lewis vouchers
  • Boots pharmacy transactions in Waitrose
  • Waitrose catering services
  • Mobile phones
  • Apple iPad, MacBook, iMac, iPod and Apple TV and Apple Watch

How does my account credit limit work?

Please contact our Customer Services team on 0345 602 1864 (open Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm) who will be able to assist.

You will need to arrange an alternative payment for any items you wish to purchase.

What happens if my Business Account  card is declined?

You will need to arrange an alternative payment for any items you wish to purchase.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 0345 602 1864 (open Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm) who will be able to assist.

Who will have access to the online account?

Each Business Account must have an account holder who will manage the account via the online My Account service. The account holder will be able to set up cost centres and invite additional cardholders to manage their cards online.

A list of what account holders, cost centre owners and cardholders can access can be found here:


Account holder

Cost centre owner









 Edit / view account details



 Add a cost centre



 Edit a cost centre


 Close a cost centre


 Add a reporting group


 Edit a reporting group


 Run a report

 View statements / invoices


 View transactions

 View letters


 Make a card payment



 Add new cards


 Edit card


 Cancel a card

 Invite a cost centre owner



 Invite a cardholder


 View current users


 Remove users


 Edit my profile

 Change my password

What is Manage My Account?

My Account is the online service for Business Account which allows account holders to:

  • View statements and invoices
  • View transactions
  • Create and manage cost centres
  • Apply for additional cardholders
  • Manage cards
  • Make payments

How often will invoices be produced?

You will be invoiced on a monthly basis and online statements will be available  on or around the second day of each month.  We will send you an email notification, if you have a balance on your account, when the statement is ready.

When are account payments due?

Payments will be due 30 days after the date of the statement. These will be collected automatically if a direct debit is set up.

Can I view purchases before they are invoiced?

Yes, you will be able to view purchases which have not yet been invoiced. These will be displayed in the view transactions area of the online service.

How do I order additional cards?

Additional cards can be ordered through the manage cards section in manage my account. Please be aware that it can take up to five days for cards to be issued.

How do I cancel cards?

Business Account cards can be cancelled through the Manage Cards section in the online account service.

My credit limit is not sufficient for my business needs. Can I have this increased?

We will be happy to look at your increasing your credit limit. Please send an email with your request to

I’m considering closing my Business Account, how do I do this?

Please contact our Customer Services team on 0345 602 1864 (open Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm and  Sunday 10am – 4pm).  

Alternatively email the team at

Can I make a payment online?

Yes you can make full or partial payments via the payments section in your online account.

Do I have to pay my balance in full?

Yes, the terms and conditions of the account state that all balances must be paid in full each month.

Will I have to pay any fees if I do not pay my balance in full each month?

We do not apply late payment fees. However if your bill is not  paid by the agreed date you will not be able to use your Business Account card until the balance has been cleared.

Will I be charged any interest?

There will be no interest payable but balances must be paid in full monthly in order to continue using the Business Account.

I would like to change my direct debit details. How do I update my account?

Please contact our Customer services team on 0345 602 1864 (Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm) who will be able to assist.

Can I make a payment from my bank account?

Yes you can make a payment from your bank. You will need:

  • Your account number
  • Our bank sort code: 20-00-00
  • Our bank number: 03381064 
  • Our bank name: Worldline IT Services UK Limited Re John Lewis Partnership

You can contact our Customer Services team on 0345 602 1864, open Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Alternatively email the team at

You can also contact us by logging into your online account.

Who should I contact if I have lost my card?

Please notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. You can cancel your card through your online account or by calling 0345 602 1864.